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  • Maia Cocallas - Securly

    Maia Cocallas

    Manager, Business Operations
    CaptivateIQ has been a blessing for us. It used to take hours and hours each month to do commission - now it takes 15 minutes. Wonderful system and wonderful staff! CaptivateIQ has been absolutely amazing to work with and we would definitely recommend them.
  • Matt Stryker - TrustArc

    Matt Stryker

    Director of Business Operations
    CaptivateIQ has been an absolute joy and has dramatically decreased the amount of time our organization spends administering compensation. Having implemented and used other solutions during the past 10 years, I can honestly say that this is the best tool I have seen.
  • Modesto Morales - Heap

    Modesto Morales

    Manager, Accounting
    Hours saved going forward quickly add up. I also appreciate the flexibility of CaptivateIQ and how I can tailor my commission plan with a quick update. CaptivateIQ has been extremely helpful - big time kudos to them for all their hard work!
  • Sarah Drugan - Yello

    Sarah Drugan

    Manager, Sales Operations
    I came from the world of Excel and using CaptivateIQ has been a huge win. I love the product and can’t rave enough about it. I would recommend CaptivateIQ to anyone looking for a better solution than spreadsheets or other solutions. This is a huge win - boom, done. So simple!
  • John Fowler - SwiftStack

    John Fowler

    Head of Sales Operations
    CaptivateIQ is very flexible and easy to use. I was able to learn the platform quickly and now I’m very comfortable with it including implementing new plans.
  • Katie Dula - TRN

    Katie Dula

    Senior Accountant, Accounting
    CaptivateIQ has been easy to maintain and does a phenomenal job of processing sales comp for our team. It's easy to upload raw data and rely on the platform to process accurately and efficiently.
  • Courtney Schissler - Securly

    Courtney Schissler

    HR & Business Operations Specialist
    CaptivateIQ has been able to provide the visibility and transparency I need for our reps. The biggest benefit I found is being set-up for scale. The tool offers endless flexibility, but broken down strategically into the different components.
  • Amanda Garza - Lob

    Amanda Garza

    Manager, Sales Operations
    CaptivateIQ is a great platform. It beats manually calculating commissions in spreadsheets and makes the whole process very quick, simple, and easy.
  • Alison Oppel - Springbuk

    Alison Oppel

    Revenue Accountant, Accounting
    CaptivateIQ allows us to eliminate manual calculation of commissions. We are able to process commissions faster and more accurately as well as give managers the ability to review their team's numbers easily.
  • Carl Ehrnrooth - Lever

    Carl Ehrnrooth

    Director, Operations
    CaptivateIQ has been huge for us. It's been valuable for sanity checking calculations and avoiding discrepancies. The biggest win has been transparency with our sales team. The individual statements have significantly reduced the amount of support we need to provide.
  • Ada Johnson - Heap

    Ada Johnson

    Vice President, Finance
    Our spreadsheets were growing in complexity given the way our commission plans were structured. CaptivateIQ helped streamline this process and saved us hours each month. We are now happily able to easily share payout summaries with all go to market functions.
  • Waseem Daher - Pilot

    Waseem Daher

    Founder and CEO
    CaptivateIQ easily scales with our growing team and backs it up with a truly great support experience.

Our Product

CaptivateIQ is a new sales commissions platform designed to make your life easy again.

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Stop doing things the hard way and start working smarter with CaptivateIQ.

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    Maximize sales performance

    Don't compromise on the unique incentive structure that aligns your sales force to your company goals.
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    Save time and money

    Stop the tedious and multistep process of calculating payouts by using end-to-end automation.
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    Minimize disputes

    Provide transparency with a single source of truth for critical commissions questions and disputes.
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    Own the software

    Free yourself from expensive consultants by using an intuitive self-service solution.

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